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Start an orphan care ministry at your church

For Pastors

Create a thriving culture of orphan care in your church to reach your community

For Leaders

Learn how to be engaged in orphan care in your stream of influence.

 What is The Process Like?

Our team will take your church through a proven process that doesn’t just work for churches, but this process is what helps these orphan care ministries thrive! As a church leader, we’ve all been a part of a ministry launch that starts out full of life, but then fades into obscurity after a short time. By following this three step detailed process, an orphan care ministry will flourish and the effects will be tangible felt in your community.  

Step 1: The Workshop
Your church will be guided through a workshop in which pastors and key leaders will be in attendance in order to captivate the culture of what this orphan care ministry will be about. This first step is the most essential part of this process. Schedule a short Zoom meeting with one of our team members to learn more about the workshop.
Step 2: Structure Development
After the workshop, you will be guided through how to set up the ministry and leadership structure of your ministry. From creating a vision and a circle of support, to recruiting team leaders and structuring resources, this step is the most tangible element of the process.
Step 3: Launch Sunday
In this final step, you will be coached through how to launch a successful orphan care ministry in your church. You will learn how to structure the worship service to encourage participation and motivate volunteers and potential foster parents to make a difference in the life of children in your community.

Our Lead Team

Michael Allard

Michael Allard

Program Director

Pastor Michael Allard, executive pastor of Crossroads Fellowship of Houston, TX, has been involved in foster care for more than 8 years. God opened the doors of foster care after they had their first daughter. It is through foster care than Pastor Michael and his wife Melissa have added to their family, adopting four children. It is his passion to not only bring orphan and foster care awareness to the church, but to help each church establish a ministry foundation supporting families in their own foster and adoptive journey.

matt garcia

matt garcia

Communications Director

Pastor Matt Garcia, associate pastor at Fortress Church in San Antonio, TX, loves to see the church get involved in helping the 31,000 foster children in Texas find their home. Him and his wife Jesika adopted their three children from foster care.

valerie vis

valerie vis

Administrative Director

Valerie and her husband Barry have been involved in foster care for the last four years and has adopted two children through foster care. Valerie has a passion for brining foster and adoption awareness by sharing her experiences and helping to support others in their foster/adoption journey.

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